Hi there,

Thanks for dropping by. I am Hirut. I live in Italy. I am originally from Ethiopia. I  write my own recipes, photograph them and share them on My spicy pasta which started in October of 2016. I have started my blog in the name of good, home cooked, delicious food. I am inspired by family recipes, cookbooks, food blogs and magazines.

Basically I started cooking about 11 years ago when I got married to my wonderful husband Fitsum, but I have always loved good food. Then I REALLY started cooking about 6 years ago when we moved to the beautiful land of food and wine, Italy. Then I REALLY REALLY learned to cook about 3 years ago when I took a cooking course and became an Aiuto cuoco (assistant cook). Now I am hooked.

Are you tired of cooking the same dish over and over again? Is it because you do not have other good recipes or you do not have time to cook or maybe you are sure this particular dish won’t fail you. No wait I knew it you are on a budget, right? Well you have come to the right site.

So, on my blog you will find dishes that are the best of the two worlds of excellent cooking, Ethiopia and Italy. As the name of my blog says, My Spicy Pasta, I will try my best to create new and exciting recipes by bringing the wonderful, flavorful, spicy ( by the way spicy does not mean hot and unbearable to eat) dishes from Ethiopia and combine them with the world known first class pasta dishes of Italy. New, healthy, fast and flavorful dishes. You are going to enjoy the ride.

My recipes are going to be for moms and dads with full time jobs, kids, friends, social life, relatives, and bunch of other things to do. I know the shortcuts to quick, easy ( not always) and tasty meals. And I intend to share them with you and help you achieve a certain level of satisfaction in doing so.

My recipes are also kids friendly because if a child is as picky as my gorgeous 9 years old daughter Blen, I know how to satisfy. My first post, Red tart with lemon cream filling is her favorite dessert. I will not compromise flavor to save some calories because it is very important to me that a food tastes as good as it should. Besides like I said I am a foodie and foodies do not compromise on flavor.

I love to connect with like minded people and love to hear from you. Please feel free to contact me, with questions, comments, if you make a recipe let me know how it turns out, or just to say HI. Thanks for spending your precious time on my site. ENJOY.