Tenerina is tender, delicate and rich chocolate pie.


Tenerina is one of the most delicious traditional chocolate pie in Emilia-Romania. Tenerina literally means tender, exactly how it is going to come out from the oven. Tender on the out side and soft in the inside. Trust me when I tell you, I have made this cake more than 500 times in the restaurant and at home. so when I say it is really good and it is gonna come out perfect, it is true I know what I am talking about.


If you need a good energy in the morning or Sunday brunch it is your go to cake. Also for birthdays or gate together it is a perfect choice. You shouldn’t put it in the fridge. I called it boozy because it has brandy. If you want to make it kids friendly just take out the brandy and the syrup.




  • 300g( 7/8 cup) good quality dark chocolate
  • 150g( 2/3 cup) butter
  • 4 eggs (separated to yolk and egg white)
  • 150g( 3/4 cup) white sugar
  • 2g of vanilla in powder
  • 3 teaspoon of white flour
  •  1 teaspoon brandy
  • 1 teaspoon black cherry syrup
  • pinch of salt


  • Icing sugar
  • black cherry with its syrup


  1. preheat oven at 175C/ 347F
  2. Spray a 20cm/8″ round tin with oil or line with baking/parchment paper and set aside
  3. First thing is first let us melt the chocolate and the butter on a double boiler
  4. While they are melting we will add the sugar, a little bit at a time, in the yolk and using an electric mixer mix it until it is creamy white
  5. Then add the vanilla and the flour in the mixture and mix till homogeneous
  6. Now let us go back to the first procedure and with the help of a spatula mix the melted chocolate and the butter very well
  7.   Add the melted chocolate in the egg mixture and with the spatula mix thoroughly
  8. Add the brandy, the syrup and mix again
  9. Put the pinch of salt in the egg white and with a clean electric mixer mix until stiff
  10. Then put the whipped egg white in the mixture of the chocolate, a bit at a time, and mix with the spatula from the bottom to the upper part
  11. When mixed really well pour to the baking tin and bake for 20minutes. Always check if it is cooked by inserting a toothpick in the middle of the cake and if it comes out clean it means it is cooked if it comes out with some moist dough add another 10minutes and check again.
  12. Let it cool for 15minutes and cut a piece, decor it with some icing sugar and black cherry and serve. ENJOY



Author: myspicypasta

I'm Hirut, originally from Ethiopia and now living in Italy. I'm a happily married, a mother of one and professional assistant cook.

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