Christmas Market

Christmas is around the corner every body, and me and my family are so excited. To day we went to the Christmas market, it was marvelous. Lights every where, Christmas gifts for family and friends, the smell of Christmas tree and happy people. It was beautiful. It was priceless, some thing money can never ever buy.



Believe it or not this place, on the top, is our biggest piazza here in Trento. It is called piazza del Duomo. As you can see it is filled with light and at the left there is a beautiful fountain. Here you can find shops, bars, restaurants, boutiques, ice cream shops (ummm…. Italian ice cream as they call it gelato it is extraordinary ) so on and so forth.We took a walk near the piazza then we bought a Christmas tree and headed home. Tomorrow we are going to decorate it beautifully.


This is one of my favorite. When you pass by the smell of the smoked bacon, sausage,salami, ham….will absolutely make you stand, turn and buy some.Good for you cause later you are the one who is going to enjoy it. May be make a sandwich and buy the hottest mulled wine, which you are going to find there, and ENJOY. Merry Christmas everyone.







Author: myspicypasta

I'm Hirut, originally from Ethiopia and now living in Italy. I'm a happily married, a mother of one and professional assistant cook.

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